Our Story

Back At It was established in Canmore in 2005. Originally a company dedicated to following races and athletes and then eventually a clinic was built. The goal of the clinic was (and always will be) to hire therapists that can ALL do deep tissue massage and focus on injury and injury prevention. Our clinic specifically caters to sports and therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

How we are different

Our focus has always been on the therapeutic approach to massage and acupuncture. We don’t give you a routine. We give unique individualized treatments. The best way to describe this is that if you were to order a Steak at a restaurant then you should get a steak and not chicken. The same applies to your treatment. If you ask for shoulders and neck, you will get shoulders and neck and NOT a routine massage.

Our highly educated and talented therapists listen to you, asses your symptoms, evaluate the cause of your pain and make a plan of action for your treatment. We often give stretches, exercises and make recommendations for you to continue with your own recovery outside of the clinic. Sometimes this means referring you to other health care practitioners such as Physiotherapists or Chiropractors. We have strong working relationships with other local practitioners and we believe in providing you with continued care.

Level of Service

ALL of our therapists are either:

  • Registered Massage Therapists or
  • Registered Acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine

We provide the highest of standards for educations and continued education. Our massage therapists have partnered with Seminars for Health for continuing education.