Prenatal Massage

This time in your life goes by quickly. Try and enjoy every moment.

Many of us at the clinic are also Moms. We know what its like to be pregnant and we know the aches and pains.

We specialize in Prenatal Massage.  We have gone beyond just the basic education that we received in our massage schools and have hired an instructor to come to the clinic and teach us all prenatal massage techniques.

Click here to see pics and a description our course.

Prenatal massage is a massage specifically designed for the expecting mother. It differs from regular massage because the mom-to-be receives the massage in a side lying position to avoid pressure on the belly. We use a Prenatal Massage Cushion specifically designed the growing belly.  Many of our first time moms are skeptical about receiving a massage on their side, until they experience it. It is one of the most comfortable positions! Don’t fear deep/firm pressure can still be applied.