Lisa Eby
I saw Sara at Back at It for acupuncture once a week for 4 weeks In a row last fall because I had muscle pains/knots in my shoulder blades, neck and arms.  I felt results immediately.  I had less pain every time I saw her.  She showed me exercises to do every week I was there.   I have more flexibility and I have no numbness in my arms anymore.  I love playing tennis in the summer and now I can enjoy the sport more!  I really believe acupuncture works.  I’m a women who is approaching 50 years of age who loves staying healthy and keeping in shape.  I go to acupuncture 4 times a year now 2 or three months apart for maintenance.  Sara is very knowledgeable and she really cares about her clients.  She even follows up by emails!!   I will continue being one of her clients as long as she lives here in town!!!!  🙂
Jo T
I will never forget the time when I saw Sara during my rough postnatal days.  I just had my first child and the changes in my body and environment became too much for me to handle.  Sara, being the kind and awesome being that she is, listened to my worries and concerns before and during the treatment. Before finishing the treatment, Sara decided to place a needle on my sternum area.  A few minutes later, I felt a release or switch happening – I can’t even explain what it was, but I started crying and I couldn’t stop.  It was a tremendous experience I will always remember, and it was then that I realized how unique Sara’s treatments were and how beneficial acupuncture really is for overall health. Sara had set the bar for what a genuine practitioner can accomplish.  She truly is one-of-a-kind and am very happy to have known her during her time here in Vancouver.
Carrie M
Sara is thorough in her assessment of what is the best course of action required.  Sara’s acupuncture treatment left my muscles and mind feeling relaxed.
Dave H
I have seen numerous acupuncturists in my life and I am of the opinion that Sara is the cream of the crop.  Her treatments go above and beyond the typical acupuncture treatments.  She has helped me heal from wrist, back, and knee pains.  Highly recommended.
Josee Richard
I was seeing Kimberley for massages and was having a hard time staying comfortable during a treatment due to hot flashes.  She mentioned the possibility of trying Chinese acupuncture to help relieve such symptoms and it has been a life saver!  Kimberley has a kind and non-invasive way of getting background information to be able to treat the hot flashes most effectively.  She always takes the time to answer questions and to explain the focus of her treatments.  She has been gentle, caring and reassuring at times when I was getting a little desperate about “feeling normal” again!
Martin M.
Sara is the type of acupuncturist that you come across very rarely. She is so dedicated to her craft and practices it so effortlessly that you feel yourself slipping into relaxation the moment that she welcomes you with her smile.  What for others is a mere day-job, acupuncture to Sara is a passion that runs through her veins. It is that positive energy that flows to you via her treatment just when you need it most.  What Vancouver lost Canmore has gained in an acupuncturist unrivaled by any other.
Tracey Gage
I have tendonitis in my wrist and am shocked at how painful it has been. After one session with Kimberley I felt relief that I didn’t get with any other type of treatment. The pain has also made sleeping difficult and after just one session I slept through that whole night, and many nights after that. The pain is not totally gone yet (I am told it will take a couple months) but each session helps me progress further through my healing and I am so grateful to Kimberley for her skill and expertise. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and how to go about correcting issues associated with daily stresses we put on it. I would highly recommend acupuncture for any injury you suffer from and without hesitation would tell you to book in with Kimberley; she will accept any challenge you throw at her and will get you feeling better in no time.