Cheri C.
I highly recommend Annie she’s genuine and knowledgeable.  She really pays attention to the information she gets from your muscles and works according to your comfort level and needs.  At the end of the session if she thinks I could benefit from some stretches she shows me them and tells me why it will be helpful.
Carrie Suwal
I have been receiving massages from Ashley Bilsky for years. I have been to many therapists but none have created a deep level of change within my muscles and fascia like Ashley has. She does wonderful therapeutic cupping, can apply an infinite amount of pressure, uses her sense of touch to seek out the deepest restrictions and also offers Bowen (if you haven’t tried Bowen and nothing else has worked for you, it seems unobtrusive but you feel big changes in your body after, I definitely recommend giving it a go). Thank you Ashley for making my life and my job so much easier!
Lynne Ratzke
When it comes to a therapeutic massage for sore and tired muscles, Annie is excellent. Annie checks in with you before the massage and inquires about any areas that might be of concern. Then, whether it is through injury, exercise or a fatigued posture, she is able to alleviate or lessen any sore, tired or injured muscles and/or joints. I would highly recommend Annie as a massage therapist for her technique, knowledge and obvious compassion when it comes to delivering a massage that really makes a difference.
Barbara Robinson
Zuzana has been a wonderful therapist for me.  Her deep tissue massage therapy has done wonders for my spine, ribcage and yes, SI joints (even when I wish she’d just forget about them).  She is a very caring person who pays attention to what is necessary while remaining sensitive to my pain threshold; she has a very empathetic touch.
Amy P.
Robyn Is Amazing! My husband and I always look forward to massages with Robyn, she is very good at what she does. As a dental hygienist I am prone to upper back and neck pain. I have seen a few massage therapists over the years but nobody has compared to Robyn. After a deep tissue massage with her my tension is completely relieved and I go home relaxed and rejuvenated. My husband who is an avid biker and snowboarder raves that she is the best therapist that he has had!We are always recommending her to all our friends and family in the valley.
Marie-Josee Guay
Michelle McLaren is an outstanding massage therapist. I recommend her to friends and family every chance I get. Having a knee injury Michelle has been instrumental in managing my pain and will key to speeding up my post-surgery recovery. She is so knowledgeable and friendly, organized, on time and amazing at what she does. She has recommended exercises and stretches to do at home. I can’t thank her enough and will continue to recommend her to anyone interested in massage therapy!
Dan D
I saw Sara for acupuncture following a severe disc herniation in my lower back that affected the nerve running down my right leg from the hip to the foot. I attribute my healing and regaining the feeling in my leg and foot to Sara’s treatment and healing touch. Sara is an intuitive healer and made the difference in my recovery. I simply cannot recommend Sara’s unique approach to acupuncture enough!
Rochelle Prasad
I would like say how grateful I am to find Kathy at “Back at It Massage.” I can still remember my very first massage with you and I was inspired. Your skill, technique, knowledge and presence as a massage therapist truly is a gift and a breath of fresh air. It’s not easy to find a great massage therapist in a great office. I truly feel a noticeable benefit after each visit with Kathy. I’ve worked in a hospital/ medical setting for a very long time and I can say you certainly stand out in your profession.
Cam Wilson
Kathy is an exceptional massage therapist. You won’t be disappointed!
Cheryl Graham
I have seen Zuzana and many other great therapists at Back at it Massage for approximately 7 years. They truly are a wonderful team “personable and professional” Although they offer many services my preference is a therapeutic deep tissue massage. I highly recommend!!!  Thanks for years of great service.
Melissa Semenek
The high levels of education and continuing education required of all therapists at Back At It Massage ensure that my patients will never come back unhappy with their referral to the clinic. Of course I have certain therapists that I love to refer to you, but I know that all therapists will provide a detailed, unique treatment protocol specific for my patients needs.                                                                                                                                                                               Our longstanding referral relationship has enabled our patients to get better faster because both their massage therapists/ acupuncturist and strength/ movement coaches are all on the same page working towards the same goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                   As a client, Shannon has helped me through several complex injuries all the way from the acute to the chronic stage. Having been in the career previously – I can say that she’s always applying sound technique principles to everything that she does. But what makes Shannon especially magical is that she is still guided by intuition and an amazing sense of palpation that has her read bodies better than anyone else that I know. To refer to Shannon as another practitioner, she is professional, kind, empathetic, detail oriented and goes above and beyond for her clients improvement.                                                                                                                                                                     I’ve known Vanessa professionally for more than 13 years. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about her as a person, a therapist, and a business owner. She’s really just an upstanding person through and through. Her hands and her drive for
Cathy Kerr
I cannot say enough about Zuzanna Williamson’s caring nature, professional service and overall great understanding of what it takes to provide a client with a feeling of well being. She brings all these qualities to the table for her clients, not just with her job but with her love of hiking, biking and overall outdoor can do attitude. I’ve had the pleasure of Zuzanne’s massage therapy after undergoing small medical procedures, trying to relax after dealing with work stress and just when I need an overall zen moment.   I’ve had massage services in years gone by and Zuz far surpasses anyone in all my experiences. Her service oriented nature is top notch. Zuzanna will research situations and provide education for any questions posed.  She has always come through with excellent, timely recommendations. Other people I have interacted with have such glowing things to say about her as well. To this day, she always makes me feel like helping me is her highest priority.  I highly recommend Zuzanna Wiliamson team for her massage therapy and overall wellness services.
Liz Wuitschik
I have been a client with Back At IT Massage for over 6 years.  I have lived in the Bow Valley for over 19 years and I have tried many massage therapists for chronic back and neck pain.  Vanessa and the other massage therapists were the ones who gave me instant and long lasting relief.  Their knowledge, expertise and stretching tips have helped me to become more mobile and pain free and as a result, more active.  All the therapists are equally excellent so it’s easy to get an appointment. I highly recommend any massage therapist at Back At IT Massage!
Lisa Eby
I saw Sara at Back at It for acupuncture once a week for 4 weeks In a row last fall because I had muscle pains/knots in my shoulder blades, neck and arms.  I felt results immediately.  I had less pain every time I saw her.  She showed me exercises to do every week I was there.   I have more flexibility and I have no numbness in my arms anymore.  I love playing tennis in the summer and now I can enjoy the sport more!  I really believe acupuncture works.  I’m a women who is approaching 50 years of age who loves staying healthy and keeping in shape.  I go to acupuncture 4 times a year now 2 or three months apart for maintenance.  Sara is very knowledgeable and she really cares about her clients.  She even follows up by emails!!   I will continue being one of her clients as long as she lives here in town!!!!  🙂
Carrie M
Sara is thorough in her assessment of what is the best course of action required.  Sara’s acupuncture treatment left my muscles and mind feeling relaxed.
Josee Richard
I was seeing Kimberley for massages and was having a hard time staying comfortable during a treatment due to hot flashes.  She mentioned the possibility of trying Chinese acupuncture to help relieve such symptoms and it has been a life saver!  Kimberley has a kind and non-invasive way of getting background information to be able to treat the hot flashes most effectively.  She always takes the time to answer questions and to explain the focus of her treatments.  She has been gentle, caring and reassuring at times when I was getting a little desperate about “feeling normal” again!